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My main interests since high school have always been Web Development and Web Design, aspects that were once very similar and are now getting clearly separated between Front-End and Back-End development.

During my recent Erasmus experience at RWTH Aachen University, my focus switched to HCI after attending some very interesting course held by the i10 Chair. Details about my education can be found here.

Since I always need to provide for my studies myself, I already have some working experience. My past employment position are listed in the Work section.

My favourite sport is Futsal, which I kept playing even during university years. In 2011 I've co-created the University Futsal team with my friend Thomas. After being the manager and player for two year, I left the team for one year because of the erasmus leaving in the 2013/14 academic year, but I am now back as an active player. More about my interests in the hobby page.